Project comissioned by Copernicus Science Center for it’s Przemiany Festival is a walk proposal. Route: Powiśle’s craftsmen worshops, changed into micro-galleries for the duration of the festival.

In every nook of Warsaw’s Powisle district we can find a forgotten, but still operating cratfstman workshop. Iza Rutkowska from Forms and Shapes Foundation decided to introduce the craftsmen with designers and invite them to work together. The goal of the project was to create objects that would add a new perspective to chosen places. The works were inspired by local myths and stories told by the owners of the workshops.

Designers invited to the project: Ania Piwowar/La Polka, Marta i Lech Rowińscy/Beton, Gosia Rygalik, Jacek Kołodziejski and Robert Czajka worked with a cobbler, turner , glazier, seamstress and in a mangle. Iza Rutkowska herself worked with a carpenter.

Festival Przemiany: