Cardboard mushrooms in the thicket of grass, a woolen mistletoe on the tree, a spider-web between branches and a plush cloud in the sky. In September 2011 during the Mushrooming Forms and Shapes Foundation turned the Culture Park in near Warsaw Powsin into a forest full of unconventional installations.

Iza Rutkowska, inspired by mushrooming, still a lively tradition in Poland, invited over a dozen designers to help her transform the forest into an art gallery.

At the entrance to the “exhibition” has been maps, mushroom atlases and “baskets” have been distributed. Collecting cardboard mushrooms by Robert Czajka one could suddenly come across the forest installations. Contrary to traditional exhibition spaces, it was necessary to remain vigilant in order not to miss anything while walking along the winding paths.

Among almost 20 installations hidden between the trees one could find “Plush Cloud” Nina Braun, “Moss and Dew” by Marta Niemywska and Dawid Grynasz, “Gallery for Ants” by Magdalena Frankowska, “Spider-web with 5 flies and a cross spider” by Dominik Cymer and Kasia Lorenz, “Refrigerator” by Michał Jońca, “Puddle with rocks” by Magda Major and Anna Ławrynowicz, “Alley of Hanzel and Gretel” by Studio Mysikrólik, “Poo” by Kacper Grochowski, “Boars” by Iza Gkagkanis, “Singing hubs” by Ania Iwaniuk, “Anthill” by Mirella von Chrupek, “Wild Animals” by Tomasz Dubiel and “Trunk and a saw” by Iza Rutkowska.

Photos: Natalia Jakubowska, Pedro Strelkow
Project funded by the city of Warsaw

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