Bait Monument, puffed, flying and infinite fish, as well as a harmful catfish, earthworms to sit on and “Sieciska” – furniture inspired by fishermen’s nets. All of that and more for your viewing (and fishing!) pleasure courtesy of brand new project by Iza Rutkowska from Forms and Shapes Foundation.

After the success that was Mushrooming in autumn of 2011 in Park Kultury in Powsin the time has come to introduce “city people” to the idea of fishing in their “natural” habitat. Objects that we will catch on 23 September 2012 in Moczydlo Park will be unique and each will be prepared by a different designer.

People invited to particiapte in Fishing: La Polka, Fajne Chłopaki, Dominik Cymer & Kasia Lorenz, Robert Czajka, Natalia Mleczak, Matylda Sałajewska, Ola Mirecka i Jamie Shaw, Michał Jońca, Marta Niemywska & Dawid Grynasz, Marta Wajda, Iza Gkagkanis, Tomek Saciłowski.
Fishing will be an unusual occasion to encounter design in public space.

Project was funded by Warsaw City Council

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