Saviors Square is the alternative center of Warsaw, filled with florists that share amazing stories, coffehouses and workshops that were set up during the reconstruction of the capital after the war.Our goal was to reshape the place for one day and turn it into Sa(rt)vior Square – a space for people to have fun with art in.

On the eve of Children’s Day, for all of those who believe “growing up” doesn’t mean putting off kite or scooter or climbing the trees, we prepared a number of activities, together with drawers, musicians, cooks and a philosopher. The activities were performed clockwise. The participants had 8 stages to complete:

  1. Info Point – where the participants were handed maps and could learn about the project.
  2. Relax Point – a creation of Aleskandra Klupinska Imagination Platform, where people could relax on fresh green grass while listening to the sounds of the sea.
  3. Graphic Point – where one could pose with head cut out photo boards designed by Endo, Tymek  Jezierski, Arobal and Robert Czajka and got to construct Re-bots with members of Vlepvnet.
  4. Competition Point – where blueprints for an original toy were submitted. The winning designs were chosen by jury of Artur Frankowski, Zuza Ziomecka and Krzysztof Ginter with parents and featured Carpets by Agnieszka Czop and Joanna Rusin, Bubble-meter by Moomoo Archtiects and Games by E&E.
  5. Music Point where participants got to test recycled instruments together with KuSza – a duo of Norbert Kubacz and Paweł Szamburski.
  6. Food Point – where people learned how to make polish Sushi and swapped recipes with Magda Ponagajbo, Asia Dziurewicz, Asia Jakubowicz and Paulina Sieniarska, the authors of “Klapsa or conference – how to eat and not get eaten”.
  7. Philosophy Point – a place for building philosophical towers from Lego blocks together with Jarosław Marek Spychała, the author of Lego-Logos theory
  8. Construction Point – where Krzysztof Czajka showed how one could design his own chair using cardboard, a ruler and a pair of scissors

The residents of Saviors Square: the florists, coffeehouses as well as Machine Repair Plant all took part in the event.